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September 17, 2014 in Events, News

Hi Kids and Parents

As you know the Auckland North Kids camp is on between October 10 and 12 up in Mangawhai. Its been a great success in the past and camps are great fun. You dont spend every second
doing TKD, there are other activities as well.
For those of you who love camps or those who cant make the AN Kids Camp the National Kids Camp down in the Bay of Plenty usually runs in November and Mr Brown has just posted this regarding the Camp, so get in there and register !

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Spaces left for the kids’ camp!

September 15, 2014 in Events, News

Hi there AN Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Seniors,

A big Thank-you from me goes out to the Jungshin Club Instructors, Warrior and Paul M Glendowie Instructors – the AN Kids Camp is now half full with their students and parent helpers.

The Camp Caterer tells me that our Kids Camp is the highlight of her son’s year and one of the things that keeps him training – your students could be re-inspired and would certainly be impressed with you if you were to get them to come to Camp as well.

The Facebook Event is now open to the public should they want a little more information before Applying.

Applications (Application Form AN Kids Camp 2014) close on Friday the 26th of September or before.

Thanks, Regards
Sonya Robinson
AN Kids Camp Co-Ordinator
4th Dan/Black Belt Warrior Taekwon-Do
International Taekwon-Do

Prepare for black belt!

September 15, 2014 in Events, News

I highly recommend this course:

Hi There Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Seniors,

Please find here the 2nd Academy Black Belt Pregrading Programme 2014 for this year.

There are 2 things that are needed to make this work – 1. Participants (to preregister please) and 2. Senior Instructors willing to be Special Guest Instructors.

Now I realise that this has not given you much time to present this to your students – my apologies for that – where has the year gone! I’m sure that you must know who you have that may be Grading and even an indication of possible numbers would be helpful.

I look forward to hearing back from you one way or another.

Thanks, Regards
Sonya Robinson
4th Dan Warrior Taekwon-Do
Black Belt Pre-Grading Programme Co-ordinator
Auckland Taekwon-Do Academy

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Name that Technique!

September 15, 2014 in Taekwon-Do tips

Here is a tip for some of our adults and intermediates.
To get good at the Korean terminology that we use we have to practice that terminology, luckily Mr Doogan wrote an essay (which is well worth a read) but the end
part has some fun exercises on grade specific techniques that help you break down the movement in English and then Korean
You can find it here
Additionally Hamilton Tkd developed a on-line quiz to help you learn your techniques and terminology find it here

Happy learning everyone !

Please complete our survey monkey!

September 13, 2014 in Club life, Kubz, News, poll

Hi everyone

Please complete our short survey monkey. We sent you one by email. Twice. Sorry for the false start. We didn’t know to customise the email content the first time.

You can complete the survey once for each Taekwon-Do student in your family. Please complete it only once per person.

Thank you.

Instructors Induction Course 28 September

September 12, 2014 in Events, News

Blue belts and above!

Watch this page: http://itkd.co.nz/events/courses/instructors/current-courses.php

Mr Lowe kindly agreed to run a second Instructors Induction Course on 28 September IF we can get at least 12 people on the course.

Students must pass this course before they are allowed to sit black belt. A couple of our black stripes need this course before the December grading.

If you are blue belt or above (minimum rank for the course), you might as well do the course now and get it done! You would also be helping your classmates out.

Formal titles

September 9, 2014 in Club life, Good stuff and random, News, Taekwon-Do tips

Hi students and parents

Taekwon-Do has its own rules of etiquette that are derived from its military and Eastern philosophical roots.

Parents, please respect these rules and address adults by their formal titles – particularly when children are around (such as on this site).

Children should always address adults by title, or with “Sir” or “Ma’am”.

Adults, whenever you are in a Taekwon-Do context, formal titles should be used. In a social context, usual rules of NZ etiquette apply.


Mr B.

Teams for the 2014 Glendowie Team Tournament

September 7, 2014 in Club life, Events, Kubz, News

DSC04862Hi everyone

The 2014 Glendowie Team Tournament is in three weeks! I did my best to keep everyone who competed in the last one in the same teams; Mr Sain, I ask that I move you across to captain a new team because they needed a senior. We may need to make small adjustments on the day to balance the teams.

More tournament details here. Saturday 27 September, 9:30am, Glendowie Primary School. Everyone expected!

Be sure to dress to support your team (in dobok, of course).

The teams are listed below, in alphabetical order of surname.

May the best team – with the best Taekwon-Do Tenets – WIN!

Blue Dragons Purple Ninjas Red Vikings Green Samurai
Max Bamford-Campbell Alexander Bavin Ana Banicevich Jimmy Ballentyne
Devon Barker Tilly Burdekin Perri Barker Antun Banicevich
Finlay Bathgate Harrison Caird David Blackburn Isobella Bavin
Oliver Blake Daniel Gray Joss Bulmer Reuben Burdekin
Cooper Blake Hamu Griffith Austin Carter Harriet Burrell
Daniel Cormack Austin He Kobi Conroy Eli Conroy
Joshua Curtis Talia Head Matthew Curtis Owen Dabner
Josh Daly Abby Heazlewood Kate Duffield Luke Gordon
Ollie Edmonds Riley Hollins Spencer Fitzpatrick Clay Gordon
Albert Edmondson Francesca Hughes Henry Gibson Daniel McDonald
Hugo Fonseca Stefanie Humphries Daniel Gildea Finn McFarlane
Jarvis Harradine Tarquin Mortland Callum Glenister Toby McFarlane
Georgia Haywood Oscar Mortland Lachlan Gordon Cameron McGeorge
Sebastian Holland Damyan Ng Poppy Heazlewood Nico Mujica
Eliza Hollins Jacob Payne Liam Hendry Will Murphy
Bailey Hood Noah Sanson Cohen Hollins Truman Peacocke
Thomas Lee Kees Schiphorst Haman Kong Camron Saunders
Lisa Mansell Annika Smart Corban MacDonald Lync Schiphorst
Hardy Newbury Gladys Sudyatmiko James Noordermeer Sebastian Simpson
Connor O’Brien Logan Surman Hayley Payne Aran Spencer
Joshua Sain Henry Sutton Oscar Simpson Thomas Sullivan
Iisa Salie Holly Timmins Abi Turner Jack Trotter
Sebastian Tobin Kyle Turner Julian Usseglio Simon Usseglio
Jodie Westgrave Fraser Walker Harry Webb Emily Yang

Reports and pregrading due

September 6, 2014 in Club life, Events

Hi everyone

This week is week 8 of the term, which means pregrading is this week, so be ready! Know your theory, too!

Those in the Monday – Thursday kids’ classes, your report sheets for the term are due next week. It is here: Student report card v01. Parents, we try to help your child(ren) at home and school by supporting you. This report sheet tells us how we are tracking.

Gradings are the last week of term, as usual.


September 1, 2014 in Club life, News

Hi Parents

You’ll notice a new behavioural tool in our classes: pegs.

If a child is disruptive or not participating, the instructor will give him or her a peg on his or her dobok. Three pegs, and the instructor sits the child out of the class.

One of the grading requirements is attending enough sessions. If a child receives three pegs, he or she does not get credit for attending the session.

Wait and see how it improves behaviour. Some parents have even used it at home!