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Hip flexibility

October 29, 2014 in News, Taekwon-Do tips


This is one for us older kids but will be just as good for our intermediates.
Southern cross TaeKwon-Do posted this earlier this week and it covers some good hip flexibility movements/stretches. As with everything we do in TKD repetition is key, so if you don’t already I really recommend incorporating some mobility work into your weekly or daily routines especially a combination of these movements. Remember that if you have more questions about mobility Mr Robson-Wright (Hamish) is pretty awesome and knows some awesome stuff, but in the mean time get better hip mobility here

Newsletter November 2014

October 26, 2014 in Club life, Events, Kubz, News

Hi everyone

The November 2014 newsletter is here: notice 2014 11

Important stuff, including:

  • grading dates
  • occasional venue changes
  • great videos for parents and students
  • events – peewee tournament, national juniors camp, power breaking seminar, final session for 2014, first session for 2015

Please pay your monthly fees on time. I spend hours each month chasing late payers – I appreciate punctual payment please. A big thank you to everyone who pays on time!

Classes on Labour Day 2014

October 23, 2014 in Club life

Combined class at Glendowie Primary School main hall, 6pm-7pm.

There are no classes in Churchill Park School that day.

All students are welcome in the Glendowie Primary School class.

How to Make a Fist

October 19, 2014 in News, Taekwon-Do tips

It might seem really easy to make a fist. Right?  But there’s a few things we need to think about and then practice to make it a nice strong fist suited to Taekwon-Do.  So let’s have a look at Mr Banicevich making the perfect fist in a video we shot at the Leader’s Update:


9 weeks until grading…

October 18, 2014 in Club life, Taekwon-Do tips

… and 7 until pregrading.

Set you goal now. You are in control:

  • Ensure you know all of you syllabus by the end of this week so you can spend the next 9 weeks getting great at it.
  • Get to as many training sessions as you can. For most of you, that means at least 2-3 sessions per week.
  • Come to class early, and ask a senior to help you with something or give you pointers.
  • Train hard. Do your best at training, all the time, and have fun doing it. Always give all your effort, and lots of power.

Train hard, grading easy. Train easy, grading hard.

Good luck!

Basic Squat Form

October 12, 2014 in Taekwon-Do tips

Here’s a quick video I shot a month or so ago about squatting.

But you may ask: “Why should I care about squat form? I can do them just fine.”

Good form allows all the proper muscles to engage and in the right order. If this doesn’t happen this can lead to imbalances and possibly injury.

Here I go over the basic body mechanics of the squat and how to perform them optimally.

– Keep spine neutral (PLUS don’t load weight on your spine and do squats if you have an instability here!)

– Knees always over toes/ shins vertical

– Don’t go beyond your depth

– Keep heels planted on the ground

– “Sit back” into your squats

– Foot positioning is individual

– Practice side on to a mirror

– Keep an even tempo, keep tension on the quads. Don’t fall into the squat.

Here’s some examples of poor form:

Comment below why the man in the blue shirt is squatting with poor form.

Knee-valgus squat-habit-1


Hamish Robson-Wright – I Dan

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by Minette


October 11, 2014 in Taekwon-Do tips

fist with stars

We do a lot of punching in TaeKwon-Do, but do we do it correctly? This video explains how to correctly execute a punch, have a look and
see if you can identify some aspect of your punch that you could improve. Remember the black belts are happy to film you punching so that you can see what you are doing well and what needs work.

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by Minette

How to tie belts

October 6, 2014 in News

Hi all here is a useful video reminder for us all on how to tie our belts the link is here


Be punctual – arrive 10 mins before class

October 4, 2014 in Club life

Hi everyone

Remember our rules state you should arrive at class 10 minutes before the start time to prepare for training:

  • ensure the dojang floor is properly swept
  • ensure equipment is out and ready
  • ensure the flag is up
  • warm up and practise

We are noticing students regularly arriving late. This disrupts the class. Please arrive on time – 10 minutes before class begins.

Thank you.

Mr B.

Ap Cha Busigi – Front Snap Kick

October 1, 2014 in News

Front snap kick is one of the very first kicks we learn. It is a powerful kick that requires speed (snap) and precision. The tool used when performing that kick is the ball of the foot.

It can be decomposed into three main parts:

  1. Starting from a walking ready stance, lift the knee of the rear leg up to your solar plexus (below the sternum). Have a strong foot shape (toes already curled up) and not a dangling foot!


  1. Extend your leg straight in front of you while slightly bending the knee of your supporting foot (this body drop brings additional force and then power to the kick). It is very important to have the foot extended as well! You do not want to kick with a flat foot but with the ball of the foot. Consequently, your toes (that are curled up) are in front of the heel; and the ball of the foot aligned with the leg to deliver maximum power.

ApChaBusigi_2b   ApChaBusigi_2c


  1. Tuck the kicking foot back towards your gluteal muscle (a.k.a. buttocks) so that you end up in the exact same position as in #1. You can then perform your sine wave and come back to your walking ready stance.

Here is a nice demonstration of Ap Cha Busigi by Miss Salie:


So now, keep practicing first on your own, then on a pad with a partner and see you at training!

Dr. V.

PS: Thank you Miss Salie for your help!